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So one time, the Bruins decided to re-sign David Krejci to a 3-year, 3.75mil-a-year-cap-hit contract, and LO, BRUINS FANS DID DANCE GLEEFULLY EVERYWHERE.

In honor of that, here -


First: an epic lineup of terrible, awful, no-good very bad roster pictures.

From 2004's NHL draft testing day:

Aaaaaand the Bruins draft center David Krejci! <3 (Summer, 2004; Krejface is 12 18.

A year clearly doesn't do much to improve Krejface's good looks. HAIRFAIL ALERT! <3 (2005)

Still faily, but 2006 seemed to be a better year for the Krej; this is basically what he looks like now:

Now, hockeys: Krejface is somewhat tri-lingual; he played for the Gatineau Olympiques of the QMJHL and learned "locker room French." dawww.

I have no idea what's going on here but it's wicked cute. (bonus sides of Looch and CLAAAAUDE!)

So. Srs.

T-shirt flinging! (don't quit your day job there, buddy. XD)

Occasionally, Sav-dork yells in his face. Man, my love is epic.

He stretches like every good hockey player should!

So focused!


Off the ice, Krejciface is pretty kickass as well:

Sometimes, he gets toasted and wears epic christmas sweaters.

He wears beer hats like any other red-blooded american know what I mean.

He also likes to chill with his little Czech buddy Vladimir!

David has a puppy named Cody. <3

He likes to use the internet sometimes. :D

And he is good with the childrens!

Childrens includes his Czech buddy Vladimir. Dude is a bb.

I have no idea what's going on here, but...SUITS!

Krejface and his team cut off their hair for cancer. Look! So cute and SO BALD. o__o

Epic road roommates of handsitude!

More haircuttery. Krej) Don't cut my ear off @__@

Krejface and his dog again! <3

Krejci and the boys did some christmas gift delivering. Check out the hats:

Dawww, Krejci in a toque, shopping for the childrens!

A picture that is simultaneously wonderful and faily: Krejci won the Bruins' 7th Man award. Jack Edwards is scary looking. Shenanigans ensue!

Phew! That was long and arduous. Luckily...I don't have to do it for three more years! <3 Feel free to add pictures in comments, if you have any!
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