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In honor of Evgeni Malkin's birthday!

In honor of his 23rd birthday today, Geno needs a picspam tribute.

It all started waaaay back in 2004 when he was just a baby faced 18-year-old.

Playing for his country, consoling countryman Ovie.


IDK, my BFF Gonch?

One hell of an All-Star.

Displaying mad skillz.

Can take over games and save the motherland like no one’s business.

Taking a leaf from Petr Sykora, shows insane joy at times. (Sykie’s under there somewhere…)

Is well-spoken, intelligent, and hilarious, which people tend to not understand when they hear him speak English. (Though actually, this is pretty hilarious in English)

Looking studly on the beach with his hot blonde girlfriend.

Scoring MAD backwards hat trick playoff goals.

Seriously, Ward gave him NO space, and he did it anyway.

You won’t like the Incredible Malk when he’s angry.

THERE ARE NO WORDS - at the top of the pile.

People say Russian players don’t understand the magnitude of winning the Stanley Cup - that they’re ambivalent towards it. I’ll just tell them to look at Geno’s face when he won it and ask if they think he doesn‘t understand the magnitude:


Lifting it.

Pimpin’ with the Conn Smythe - the first Russian to win it.

Numba One (photo courtesy of Flickr)

Celebrating with 375,000 people (photo courtesy of Flickr)

With Game 7 hero, Red Wings Killer and Total Badass Max Talbot at the awards.

Numba One in the WORLD

Happy Birthday Geno! Thank you for being as awesome as you are. We love you to pieces.

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