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8/7 means it's time for Sidney birthday picspam!

How many other guys get to celebrate their 22nd birthday with the Stanley Cup?  Go nuts, Sid.  ;D  I don't actually have a ton of pics of him other than winning the Cup, so please contribute if you'd like!

Celebrates hattrick goals Superman-style.

Can somehow manage to look evil and adorable at the same time.

Maybe by the time he's 30 he'll be able to grow a complete playoff beard.

Has a caboose so magnificent that has its own tributes on Youtube.

I don't know if this is him or not, since we never get to see him act retarded, but I like to believe it is.  What a sweater.

He won the Cup, motherfucker!

Happy Birthday, Sidney!  Try not being wholesome just for a day, okay?  ;D

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