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Post-Game 7 Letters (Caps/Pens) goes nothing.

Dear Pens,

To be honest, it was a well-played game on your part. However, I do have to admit that while I know I've said I like the lot of you in general, it's going to be really hard not to dislike you for the next couple of days. You guys sure did put up a hell of a fight this series, so thanks for seven games that were great to watch.

Also, congrats on the win. Good luck in your next series.

Dear Caps,

ILY. I didn't want to believe that it would end like this, but you know what? I'm really proud of you guys for making it this far, I really am. If not this year, then surely next year. It's sad to see it end like this, but like I said, I'm proud of you anyway. It takes a lot to get this far, and even though you guys faltered at some points, you still managed to push it to another set of 7 games.

Good luck next season. Can't wait to watch you guys play again.

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