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penaltyfree: A Penalty Free Hockey Community
Your mods: honeybee718 and holdeverysong

This community is penalty free. Which means drama free. We won't tolerate drama. Believe me, we've both dealt with it in past communities, and it's not fun. So if you came to cause it, I'm sorry, but this is not the place for that.

That said, the rules are as follows:

8 Simple Rules for Joining our Hockey Community

Rule 1: Please, know something about hockey. Or at least be interested in learning about the game. I realize that the boys who play it are attractive, but if that's the sole purpose for you joining this community, maybe you should think twice. That being said, squeeing is encouraged! So please do!

Rule 2: Respect. For each other, for other teams and for the mods. I realize that it's kind of ridiculous that I have to say this, considering most of us are adults here, however, the problem has been encountered in the past. Respect each other, meaning no comment wars. Save comments like that for your own journal, seeing as how it only makes unnecessary stress for everyone else in the community--but mostly for the mods. Respect for teams goes under the same category. I realize that there are teams that make your blood boil. But as much as you hate them, consider the fact that there is someone who loves them just as much. Severe hate will not be tolerated. For the mods goes unexplained, because it shouldn't have to be. We have a zero tolerance policy for disrespect toward mods.

Rule 3: Put all pre and post game letters behind an LJ cut. Check the LJ FAQ if you don't know how to make one. It may be all on the up and up, but people may get offended regardless, and it would make our existence here a lot calmer if we could all use LJ cuts. It only takes a couple seconds of your time.

Rule 4: No gratuitous, huge sparkly text. It's fine if it's one word at a time, or placed behind a cut. But big huge chunks of it taking up friends lists and making it impossible to look at your friends list without wanting to gouge your eyes out with the nearest sharp utensil will not be accepted. You'll be given a warning, your post will be deleted and if another offense is committed, we will consider banning.
4(a): Along that same vein, long, epic posts, even if you're nice and all friendly, need to be placed behind cuts as well. It goes along the same line of not wanting a big chunk of our friends lists taken up.

Rule 5: Tag your entries. For example. If I were to make a post about a player from a team, I would tag it as follows: 'team name,' 'your name or livejournal name,' 'context of the post ie. article/spam/fic,' 'league (if necessary).' Avoid player name tags because that eats our tags up.

Rule 6: Sometimes, pictures more than 350px wide mess with people's friends lists. So, all pictures more than 350px wide, and for fairness' sake, 350px tall, too, need to be placed behind cuts.

Rule 7: Enjoy yourself and have a good time! If you're having fun, everyone else will be too!

Rule 8: For rules about claims go here.